About the project

Fitness came into my life while I was looking for solutions to my depression, constant fatigue, and lacking self-confidence. I realized that in order to deal with such a terrible mental state, I needed holistic changes. I slowly began to develop positive habits: mindfulness, sports, meditation and proper nutrition. Over time, my condition improved and I began to feel content. I finally started waking up feeling grateful for each new day.

Thus, fitness became not only a part of my life, but also my biggest hobby. I began to study bodybuilding from a scientific point of view, constantly reading various studies in the field of sports science. I put my knowledge into practice, trying different nutrition and training methods. Simultaneously, I started sharing my tips and experiences on Instagram. Soon after completing courses at the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the International Sports Science Association, fitness became my profession.

Thousands of women ask me on a daily basis about how to exercise properly, eat well and maintain consistent motivation to work out. That is why I decided to create my own fitness academy. My team and I have created a unique platform that provides not only workouts and meal plans with delicious recipes, but also fitness education, lectures from psychologists and meditations from experts. I strongly believe that global changes require an integrated approach. Therefore, our course is more than just nutrition plans and work out videos. Our course is a tool for becoming a beautiful, confident and successful woman.

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